Effective muscle fatigue inhibitor

CitruPure is scientifically tested muscle fatigue inhibitor and it has been founded to to improve performance. CitruPure stops muscle fatigue and tenderness during training. It boosts the blood flow and delivery of amino acids to muscles,which leads to added protein synthesis.

CitruPure also makes it easier to gain “the pump”.

Manual: Mix 1 measure spoonful of powder to 3dl of water

Enjoy 30 min before training

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M-Nutrition CitruPure 300g

M-Nutrition CitruPure 300g

Energia/Energy 1444kJ / 340 kcal
Proteiini /Protein 85g
Hiilihydraatti/Carbohydrate 0g
Rasvaa/ Fat 0g
Kuitu/Fibre 0g
Suola/Salt 0g

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