Improve stamina and strength wearing the Arena Flex paddles which are comfortable and give a stronger workout thatnks to the mesh panels.

Fit: They are worn on the hand by threading your middle finger through the middle silicone strap and your other fingers will automatically fit
comfortably through the silicone straps at the sides. The strap can then be pulled to tighten for a secure, customised fit.

Technically placed flow holes allow you to “feel” the water so that you will swim more naturally
Purpose: Hand paddles create water resistance so that you have to work harder on your arm pull.
This will strengthen all the muscles in your upper body to make you a more powerful swimmer.
A secondary purpose of hand paddles is that they help your stroke technique by making you
more aware of your arm and hand position and they force your hand to stay straight as it enters the water.

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Arena Flex Hand Paddle

Arena Flex Hand Paddle

- PVC Free
- Comfortable fit
- Dimensions: 21 × 31.5cm
- Materials: mesh polyester, silicone strap, string steel inner