2Whey Protein is a high quality whey protein mix, which speeds up muscle recovery. 2Whey Protein is a cross-flow of purified based microfiltration (CFM) whey protein. Almost a third of 2Whey Protein is whey protein isolate , which digests very quickly and efficiently. Protein 2Whey addition to the high content of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and glutamine that enhance the growth of muscle mass and strength. 2Whey Protein is particularly well suited for recovery and complement the increased need for protein.

Instructions: Mix one spoonful (30 grams) of powder to about three dl of water or milk. Enjoy before and / or after exercise.

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M-Nutrition 2Whey Protein 5 kg

M-Nutrition 2Whey Protein 5 kg

Supplement facts 100g & 30g :

Energy 360 kcal / 1504 KJ 108kcal / 451KJ

Protein 80,5g 24,2g

Carbohydrate 4,6g 1,4g
-Which of sugar 3g 0.9g

Fat 2,5g 0,8g
-of which saturated fat 2g 0.6g

Fiber 1g 0.3g

Salt 0.4 g 0,12g

Ingredients: ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate (milk) , enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (from milk) HydroISO , natural banana flavor , emulsifier (sunflower) , sweetener (sucralose , acesulfame – k).

Special nutritional products
Chocolate-flavored whey protein powder
with sweetener
Low Lactose
Gluten Free

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