Effective soothing relief from tension headaches

Containing our unique blends of herbal ingredients, Tiger Balm has been used for generations. Each little jar of Tiger Balm White provides an alternative way to relieve the pain of tension headaches.

Also can used just as fragrance! Were this, and everyone knows you’re really train hard! This smell has proven that for decades!

White is the smoother little brother spicy Tiger Palm Red!

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Tiger Palm -tiikeripalsami White (5014713100105)

Tiger Palm -tiikeripalsami White (5014713100105)

16% Dementholised Mint Oil
13% Cajuput Oil
11% Natural Camphor 8.0% Menthol

Also contains: , Yellow Soft Paraffin and Hard Paraffin
Muscular aches & pains: to be rubbed gently on the affected parts of skin as necessary (usually 2 to 3 times daily).
Tension headache: Rub a small amount onto the forehead or temples using a circular motions. Repeat at 30 minutes and one hour after the initial application.
Available 19g size

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