Improve skills:-Stickhandling-Shooting-Passing-Reaction time-Peripheral visionSize: 3x6m (1Sq.m)Ice Feeling: Proffesional LevelFree Training System : Hockey Revolution APP

    TRAINING ZONE is most professional hockey training set up  we’ve ever built for off ice training. It is made from unique  dryland surface. 

    All Training Zones are designed for easy set up, what allows to bring it with you to training camps and Set it up and take it apart after the camp.

    Innovative training opportunities for Teams. Facility  where teams, coaches  or players can organize indoor dryland hockey  camps.

    Training zone is a great place for teams and players to prepare for upcoming seasons or tournaments, as well as everyday exercises.

    Fast and easy way to set up training surface, with multiple interactive and none interactive stations, where to improve different kinds of Individual Skills.


    Training zone 3x6m (18Sq.m) includes:

     -My Puzzle Systems Pro (36tiles)

    -9x My Puzzle 15 (135 tiles) 

    - My Slideboard

    - My Enemy PRO

    - My Goalie Target

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HockeyRevolution Training Zone

HockeyRevolution Training Zone

  • HockeyRevolution Training Zone
  • HockeyRevolution Training Zone

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