Flex: 27
Blade: Optional Blade
Blade Material: Optional Blade material
Shaft Shape: SweOval
Shaft Material: T2100
Shaftkick: HyperFast
Available shaft lengths: 101
Technical information: HES

Blow Moulded
99,00 €
In stock


In stock

Oxdog Zero HES 27 BK (19) MBC Floorball Stick

Oxdog Zero HES 27 BK (19) MBC Floorball Stick

With this stick you can choose blade of your choice
With this stick you can choose blade material of your choice
SweOval is Oxdogs innovation. Thinner shaft dimension compines best qualities from round and oval shapes.
From highest end Carbon T2500 to composite R500, Oxdog can offer something to everyone.
SBS (StickBalanceSystem). Set the balance to make the stick perfect for you by adding or removing the weight in the endcap. You can move the balance point up to 45mm. Available in 20g weight
Oxdog created a unique marking system that tells shaftkick speed. Shaftkick speed is one key element of the stick what comes shooting and passing power. HyperFast is the fastest of these.
101cm is one of the most popular shaft in mens leagues. This saft is recemmended for player between 175cm-190cm.
HES = High Energy Shaft is based on 3 elements: HES layup unique multilayer Tehnology, HES carbon never used before in floorball, HES Resin High Impact Glue - faster reaction. New material gives 15% better shaft reaction which mean faster recovery from bending position. This mean faster shots and passes and better ball control. It also gives much better durability agaist scratches hits. Top of all it´s even 5-15% lighter that previuos materials!
Blow Moulded Technical shafts are handmade in high performance carbon material

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