The most complete intra matrix available!

When INTRAZONE’s ultra potent amino acid matrix is present in the blood stream during exercise, the anabolic response brought about by exercise is greatly increased. Furthermore, by taking INTRAZONE, you fight the catabolic effects of exercise, boost recovery, decrease muscle soreness and delay muscular fatigue. By initiating peak anabolic response with INTRAZONE, your muscle size and strength will hit plateau-smashing levels!

Instructions for use: Mix one measuring spoon (40g) 4dl of water. Enjoy during training. The recommended dosage should not be exceeded.

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Supermass Nutrition INTRAZONE 600g

Supermass Nutrition INTRAZONE 600g

INTRAZONE formulations content per serving (40 g)

Advanced Lactic Acid Buffer Matrix™
L-sitrullin-DL-malat 5 000 mg, beta-alanin 3 000 mg.

Complete EAA Mix
L-leusin 7 000 mg, L-valin 4 000 mg, L-isoleusin 4 000 mg, L-lysin 1 500 mg, L-metionin 600 mg, L-treoniini 300 mg, L-fenylalanin 300 mg.

Ultra-High-Leucine BCAA Complex™
L-leusin 4 000 mg, L-isoleusiini 500 mg, L-valin 500 mg.

Ultimate Anti-Catabolic Complex™
L-glutamin 5 000 mg, L-glysin 1 000 mg, fri HMB 500 mg, L-alanin 500 mg, fosfatidylserin 200 mg.

Mineral & Electrolyte Mix
Natrium 98 mg (klorid), kalium 131 mg (klorid, 6,5%*), magnesium 40 mg (citrate, 10,6%*), kalsium 105 mg (citrate, 13,1%*).

Cell Volumizer Matrix™
kalciumglycerofosfate 25 mg, kalium-glycerofosfate 25 mg, natriumglycerofosfat 25 mg.

L-ornitin L-aspartate 500 mg

  • The daily intake reference value (588/2009)

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